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As your attorneys, the Law Offices of Katrina M. Barnett, P.C. will represent you through every aspect of your real estate transaction - from reviewing and approving the initial contract, to the exchanging of keys at the closing table.  From the day our attorney-client relationship begins, we provide clarity on the important details of the transaction and are available to answer questions and provide legal guidance.  This includes explaining your rights throughout the attorney review and inspection contingency periods, reviewing and/or drafting the necessary closing documents (such as the deed to the property), and explaining all mortgage and closing documents in detail.  As both attorneys and agents of numerous title companies, we have extensive knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations regarding real estate transactions, and can help ensure the title is clear for any property a transaction involves.


  • Acquisitions & Sales

  • Proper Inspection Advice

  • Negotiations

  • Contract and Disclosure Drafting

  • 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges

  • Mortgage Documentation

  • Lease Review

  • Title Insurance & Examination

  • Association Documentation Drafting

  • Short Sales & Foreclosures

  • Ordering Surveys

  • Clearance of City and County Property Sales Requirements

  • Reviewing/Confirming Financial Settlement Statements Prior to Closing

  • Closing Representation

  • Document Drafting

    • Contracts & Leases

    • Deeds, Bill of Sale, Affidavit of Title, & Power(s) of Attorney

    • Mortgage Notes

    • Association Documentation

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